SPED Ontario



The Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (SPjED) have formed a Chapter in Toronto.
SPED was established was founded in 1980 to promote excellence and quality in the practice of piping engineering and design through professional development, training and certification for piping engineers and designers. It is an international society with five chapters, Houston, Calgary, Louisvillle, U.K./Eire and the newly formed Toronto Chapter.
The Toronto Chapter meetings benefit members by providing:
•           Educational opportunities through Open House activities
•           Vendor sponsored tutorials and workshops
•           Network opportunities with other members of the piping community

In addition to regular meetings that each Chapter holds all Pipers are invited to attend the Annual General Business Meeting held in Houston Texas each October. In addition to the Annual Meeting this event includes a Job Fair, Corporate Membership Showcase and Technical Briefs covering many Pipe Design topics of interest.
The Society of Piping Engineers and Designers is the only professional organization devoted exclusively to the betterment of Plant Design and Piping Professionals.
A SPED membership provides access to:

  • Hundreds of pages and pictures of technical information on piping layout and plant design.
  • Links to outside sites including employment, technical, and piping reference sites.
  • A database of piping layout design tips.
  • Tutorials on subjects such as project management techniques and ways to win in an interview.
  • Discounts on Industry Conferences
  • Online training and certification (SPED Training Courses)
  • Online Community that is available for members to discuss design problems or issues.

The Professional Piping Designer (PPD) Certification established by SPED is designed to meet the specific requirements of the Process Piping Industry.
There are four levels of PPD Certification, each of which indicates a piper’s level of knowledge and experience. Two levels are based on testing and two are based on years of work experience.
SPED has developed online courses, challenging exams, and programs to help pipers achieve excellence and document their skills with PPD Certification. (SPED Training Courses)
PPD Certification is a recommended to any designers looking to add that extra edge to their resume.
More information about PPD can be found here.


Carol McComb PPD IV  –  Chapter President – carolj.mccomb@gmail.com

Michael Kurylowicz  –  Chapter Vice-President -mkuryloiczsped@gmail.com


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